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What to recycle and how can I do it?

Now that you know a lot more about recycling (after having read our post on recycling and its importance) we believe that it is necessary to expand the information on what to recycle in terms of materials and help them learn how to do it.

Have you ever wondered what to recycle in your home?

flower pots

What to recycle? It is a very common question that we ask ourselves when we enter the world of recycling, surely the first few days they will repeat this question a lot, but when they have been recycling for a few months they will forget that they ever wondered this and carry out the recycling almost automatically.

As you can see, there are colors for almost all the elements that can be found in the world, that is why we recommend you try to recycle everything you have in your home, in your crops, in your company. Always knowing what materials can be useful for recycling and what materials will end up in garbage cemeteries.

Materials: what to recycle and how?

Paper and paperboard


Let’s start with the color blue, that is, the color of recycled paper and cardboard. Clearly both materials can be recycled and the result of recycling is very useful and can help a lot to those who need it.

How to recycle paper and cardboard?

Clearly there are different ways and methods to learn how to recycle paper, today we will simply tell you one of the simplest and most used ways worldwide.

  1. Step 1. Collect all the paper that is available

    The first step is very simple and it only consists of collecting all the paper that you may have in your home that is no longer used and you want to recycle. This process is also useful for recycling cardboard, newspaper, among other things.

  2. Step 2. Cut all the paper into small pieces

    For best results I recommend chopping all the paper into small enough pieces.

  3. Step 3. Soak the paper for at least 24 hours

    Like the previous recommendation, to make the process easier, you should soak the paper for at least 24 hours.

  4. Step 4. Blend your paper

    The ratio that should be used is 2:1, this means, if you have a paper cup, you must add two cups of water. If you have two paper cups, you will need to add: 4 cups of water and so on. Let blend long enough.

  5. Step 5. Spread and rest

    The last step is to spread the mixture on a wire mesh and remove any excess water it may have. Then it is left to rest on a surface that can be made of paper or cardboard and waited until it is completely dry. We have already recycled paper!



Plastic recycling is also possible and is even one of the most important recycling processes (plastic is found in large quantities throughout the world and is highly polluting and a large percentage of the plastic produced annually ends up in the oceans.

How to recycle plastic? Recycling plastic is very simple, you simply have to have a container in your home that is different from the one for organic waste and other types of garbage, this container will be used only for plastic. Every time you fill that container you must take it to the nearest recycling organization you have and let the experts carry out the recycling process.

Within plastic recycling we include recycling with plastic bottles. In this case, how to recycle plastic bottles can have another answer and that is that these types of bottles can be used for artistic purposes (sculptures and different decorations for the home can be made).

Organic recycling and garden recycling


We put organic recycling and garden recycling together because both organic materials (food leftovers or plantings, for example) and garden materials can produce organic fertilizer of tremendous quality for your small, medium or large crops and even for the beautiful flowers and plants in your garden.

Take advantage of our tips on creating organic compost to get the most out of your organic and garden waste.



We must be very careful with the recycling of glass, remember that if glass breaks it can be dangerous to our health and especially to the children in the house. What do we recommend you do to recycle glass? Gradually collect the glass containers you have at home and leave them in a place away from the little ones in the house. When you have enough glass, contact your local government to find out which company or company is responsible for recycling this material in your area.

Clothing recycling

Recycling clothes is really interesting, many people decide to take their old clothes and donate them to those who may need them the most. Others decide to take their old clothes and make different creations with what no longer serves them (rugs, other clothes, among other things) and some people even create toys for their little ones with old clothes.

What we really do not recommend you do is throw your clothes in the trash, that is not recommended and will have no advantage for anyone.

Toy recycling

Has your son or daughter stopped being a child and no longer wants her toys? Have some of your child’s toys been damaged? Don’t throw them in the trash! We give you different options to recycle toys:

  1. Give them to those most in need. An excellent option is to give toys that are in better condition to those who need it most.
  2. Create something with the broken toys. Have some toys been broken? Do not give them away, try to make a different creation to use them in something else, for example, in some kind of sculpture or decoration for your home.

Aluminum recycling

Aluminum is one of the materials that can be used the most when it comes to recycling it. It is really profitable, therefore, you can take aluminum recycling as an excellent idea to earn some extra pesos at the end of the month.

The recommendation we give you is the same as for glass and plastic, that is, separate the garbage and have the aluminum in a specific place so that it is easier to deliver it to the companies that are responsible for recycling.

Metal recycling

Did you know that by recycling metal you reduce pollution by 70%? Do you realize how much you can help the environment simply by changing the way you do things a little? Metal recycling is the most carried out in the world and can also have economic benefits for you.

Start recycling! Help the environment and earn some money in the process!

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