proyectos con energía renovable

What projects with renewable energy can we do at home?

Do you want to carry out your own projects with renewable energy? Today you will learn some of the most interesting, creative and even fun projects that you can do from home using renewable energy.

projects with renewable energy to do from home

Solar energy for your home

Clearly one of the most common projects in homes around the world using renewable energy has to do with the use of solar energy for houses.

These projects will turn your home into a sustainable home and you will practically not need to be connected to the electricity grid (depending on the installation you use).

How to install solar energy at home?

Well, the truth is that everything depends on what you are looking for and what you want from solar energy, for example, if you want to convert it easily and without much problem into electrical energy, we would recommend a solar energy installation with photovoltaic panels, a fairly simple installation. and with many advantages.

How to install photovoltaic panels at home?

Although the task is simple, it is necessary to have experts to help you in the process of photovoltaic panels and the entire system that is needed to convert solar energy into electrical energy.

home solar power

Photovoltaic panels have cells that take solar energy and convert it into direct current, which is why an inverter must also be included in the installation that converts this direct current into alternating current to be used in the home.

Usually it is also recommended to have a battery to store that energy so that it can be used at night, for example.

Solar powered without batteries

Similarly, there is also solar energy without batteries, the problem is that it could only be used while the sun’s rays interact with the solar panels.

These types of installations allow you to use electrical energy from the sun during the day and remain connected to the electricity grid at night.

Within the projects with solar energy we can also mention those that are adapted to the type of solar thermal energy.

These also use solar panels, but the main objective is to heat water to be used in the home or as a heating method (energy could even be generated with water vapor, but that process is a bit more complex and expensive).

Solar energy at home generates great advantages and benefits such as economic savings in the medium and long term, the possibility of being less dependent on the electricity grid, living in a less polluted environment and many other things.

Clearly this is one of the most interesting and advantageous home renewable energy projects that you can carry out without much trouble.

Biomass: one of the projects with renewable energy

As you may know, biomass is a very interesting renewable energy. In this case, we can make it part of our home without any problem.

How to create homemade renewable energy with biomass?

This project can be even simpler than the previous one.

It simply consists of a different way of heating a home using a kind of biomass boiler that can be used to heat water for domestic use and also to improve the temperature of the home.


Biomass boilers will use some materials such as pellets, organic materials, wood or even some kind of forest residue.

It is extremely important to mention that the cost of this type of boiler is much lower than that of electric or natural gas boilers, therefore, it is highly beneficial as a renewable energy project for the home.

Furthermore, in remote places it is easier to find organic materials than resources such as electricity or natural gas.

On the other hand, it is possible to convert biomass into electrical energy, this must be done using microgeneration technology that can be quite advantageous.

Wind power at home

Wind energy uses the movement of the wind to generate electrical energy. This is done by means of equipment called wind turbines.

turbina de viento

Wind energy projects at home or in small spaces are usually given the name of mini-wind energy.

If you are thinking about how to make easy homemade wind energy, here we will explain a little more about how this energy works and what you may need to have this installation in your home.

What do you need for wind power project at home?

  1. Wind turbine

    The first thing you are going to need for your new home wind energy project is a large windmill or several small windmills (depending on where you live, the type of house, the available space and much more).

    These mills are also called turbines and can be found in two main types: horizontal axis and vertical axis.

    Those with a horizontal axis are much more efficient, but they tend to have problems with the different changes that can occur in the direction of the wind.

    The vertical axis turbines are a little less efficient, but they make less noise and adapt better to any type of change in the direction of the wind.

    The wind turbine includes a turbine, a tower, a generator, a base and many other elements that, finally, will manage to regulate the electrical energy generated.

  2. An accumulator or an inverter

    In this step you must choose one or the other option. When choosing an accumulator or battery, you will be choosing a completely autonomous system so that it is totally disconnected from the electrical network and you have accumulated energy for when the wind does not blow and you need autonomy.
    If you are going to use this way of generating wind power for your home, you will also need a direct current to alternating current converter that would go after the energy is stored in the batteries.

    Wind energy at home can also go through an inverter from direct current to alternating current and then connect to the electrical network and reach your home.
    In this case, you would simply have an installation that would help you reduce costs on electricity bills.

You already have 3 great ideas for renewable energy with which you can make renewable energy projects at home.

These projects can help you reduce expenses on electricity bills and also completely disconnect from the electricity grid.

The decision is yours and it is you who must think about what to use these interesting ideas and projects for.

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