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What is magnet therapy

We anticipate that we are going to cover this topic as widely as possible, not only by showing you its features and applications, but also the pros and cons of magnet therapy, so that you can get a complete and well-informed idea about this topic. which is a trend in alternative medicine, being useful to you whether you are going to take a course on the matter or if you are interested in a treatment of this type. Clarified this let’s start ;

Magnetic field therapy uses different types of magnets in the body to help promote your overall health. It can also help you treat certain diseases.

In this type of therapy there are several types, including:

  • Static Magnetic Field Therapy: In this case, the magnet is touched to the skin in some way, one example is wearing a magnetic bracelet or other jewelry, another option is a bandage with magnets or magnets as insoles. There are even options where you can also sleep on a special mattress with magnets.
  • Electromagnetic therapy: In this case, the magnet used here is charged with energy, applying electrical pulses to the patient.
  • Acupuncture and magnetic therapy: The magnet will act in the same area where the acupuncturist will apply the acupuncture treatment. You may hear these areas called energy pathways or channels.

Therapy with magnets true or false

terapia con imanes

The profits of the manufacturers of magnetic bracelets, bandages, insoles, mattresses, etc., who advertise them as almost miraculous solutions for pain, are growing and becoming multi-millionaires. Annual sales in the United States are estimated at 300 million US dollars, reaching more than 1 billion worldwide. Although magnetotherapy is relatively harmless, since it has no drugs or side effects, it can prevent people from seeking effective or specific treatments for delicate diseases.

There aren’t many studies on magnetotherapy, and those that do have mixed results. In addition, they oppose the use of very small groups of patients, or only those who are being treated, because it is well known that the power of the advice alone can alleviate the disease, for this reason it is important to make decisions with criteria and informed without denying some benefits that some people mention when they undergo this therapy, in the end the decision is up to you.

How to do therapy with magnets?

Magnet therapy operates according to the concept of a therapeutic magnet, which has two sides with different magnetic effects: the north pole and the south pole. Physicists believe that “magnetic field lines” emerge from the North Pole and move toward the South Pole.

When purchasing a magnet for magnetic therapy, you can place the north or south side of the magnet against your skin. Placing magnets on both sides of the poles does not produce the same benefits, depending on the action required, the north or south pole of the magnet can be used to relieve local pain or regenerate the body.

Magnetotherapy: Which is the North Pole or the South Pole?

In the case of pain or inflammation, applying the south pole of the magnet on the skin has the best calming effect, for example, if you want to benefit from the relaxing effect on your muscles, you should consider applying the north pole to a certain area of your body.

Another possibility: if you don’t know which side is more beneficial, you can use both polarities at the same time by applying a second magnet to the area to be treated.

What does magnet therapy cure?

Magnet therapy theory says that your body naturally has electric and magnetic fields. All of your molecules contain a small amount of magnetic energy. The idea behind magnetic field therapy is that certain problems occur because your magnetic field is out of balance. If you place a magnetic field near your body and as stated in this type of therapy, everything will return to normal.

Plasma calcium and potassium help cells send signals. In tests, scientists have seen that the magnets change the way these ions act. However, until now, there is no evidence that magnets have the same effect on cells in your body.


Documenting ourselves in serious and reliable theory we see that there are not many studies on magnetic field therapy. Those that have been completed do not have enough data to draw reliable conclusions. Although some clinical trials have shown the potential of magnetic field therapy as a treatment for back pain, in most cases, there is no clear evidence that it can treat any disease, with this in mind we share some interesting features below. consider in this type of therapy.

  • Magnetotherapy is a localized natural therapy. It does not use chemicals or drugs.
  • The use of magnets is unlimited. It is an inexhaustible therapeutic resource. The magnet can be used multiple times.
  • Magnetic therapy can treat very specific areas without having to treat the entire body for local problems.
  • The magnet does not need any electrical connection to work. Therefore, the magnets can be used during sleep.
  • This method of treatment can be used in conjunction with medications without contraindications. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

Where can you study this therapy?

terapia con imanes

In this list you will find offers or schools to study therapy with magnets both in Colombia and in other parts of the world, taking into account that some courses are virtual, we hope they serve as a reference.

Center Medical Association of Health Professionals in Alternative Therapies of Colombia

It is a Medical College, dedicated to training and scientific communication on health issues, uses online methods and provides a diploma in psychology-face-to-face diploma in ABA technical courses and a diploma in family therapy for dysfunctional members, among others.

In this link to educaedu you can see the offer of the course.


Located in Cundinamarca Colombia, he mentions that through this treatment technique investigated and discovered by the Mexican doctor Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, the biomagnetism course allows students to quickly begin to achieve results in patients, whom he calls ” biomagnetic pairs”, based on the theory of applying a certain force to specific parts. of the body. The magnet is used to balance the PH (potential of hydrogen), thus maintaining health. In this way, the most common and complex diseases that usually affect human beings are cured with a higher success rate than other alternative or complementary therapies.

You can find more information on their website.


It is a website with online courses made up of several schools, the school that manages the magnet therapy course is the School of Alternative Medicine. This school is a compilation of natural medicine courses aimed at various procedures or therapies to cure people who do not belong to the field of traditional medicine.
En este enlace terapias alternativas podrás ver más información al respecto

4. Casa Maestra

This institution is located in Mexico and offers the course for people who want to use another method to improve their health, magnets have a great effect in eliminating some health problems:

Viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, balance of emotions, chronic problems, exaggeration, fatigue and better general functioning of the organism.

It does not have a website but through this educaedu link they can be contacted.

Opinions about this type of therapy

De hecho, en este campo, el misticismo y las creencias populares se mezclan un poco con la realidad, y co

In fact, in this field, mysticism and popular beliefs are somewhat mixed with reality, and as we have mentioned, there is no conclusive research in this area that demonstrates the true effectiveness of magnets in our body. However, there are many theories that support its use to improve our health, which is why they are often used in massages and alternative medicine to improve the symptoms of the disease.

According to Dr. Michael I. Weintraub, clinical professor of neurology and internal medicine at Valhalla College of Medicine in New York; he did extensive research on magnetotherapy and agreed that “there are various fictitious claims about magnetotherapy” and that some items sold to the public are useless. However, “not all magnets are created equal,” he said, and using the right magnet for the right length of time can be effective in some situations.

From a religious point of view, is therapy with magnets a sin?

According to approaches such as that of the Catholic religion, the answer is a resounding yes since they relate it to certain occult practices and, as is well known, the energy issue in the human being from points known as chakras is not well received.

We quote here part of the answer given by Father Miguel Ángel Fuentes, priest of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, on his blog to a person who asks him about therapy with magnets and citing historical asides from characters, including a discredited German doctor (as he mentions ) that promoted this type of therapy together with astrology and hypnosis, here we share part of the answer:

This is Friedrich (Franz) Anton Mesmer (1733-1815), a German doctor, the creator of the mysterious theory of “animal magnetism” (pronounced by Paracelsus two centuries ago). “He believes that in every living body there is a kind of ‘magnetic fluid’, a special force circulates in it, making the organic world and the inorganic world full of vitality”; it is an “invisible magnetic field that surrounds people”. He believes that people with strong vitality (“animal magnetism”) can help those in need by pressing their hands to make waves that emanate from their fingers. Similarly, “he tried to link astrology with medicine and used hypnotism as a therapeutic measure. There seem to be records that he held meetings with psychics on a regular basis.” His article is similar to Reich’s, on “organic energy”.

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