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Colombia has changed with respect to the way of building with low environmental impact and it is now that we can find bio-construction courses and high-quality events to improve our knowledge on the subject.

Bioconstruction is a form of construction that has been part of our society since the beginning of history.

Bioconstruction is becoming increasingly important in our society and more and more of us are deciding to become aware and change our way of thinking.

Human beings in their beginnings built homes with the resources that were available in nature and, precisely, those resources were of natural origin and had no (or very little) impact on the environment.

Currently it is a little more complicated to find homes, dwellings and constructions with this type of material that has very little impact on the environment and against those who live in that environment.

What is bioconstruction?

But before knowing a little more about the current situation of bioconstruction in Colombia, we believe that it is important that you understand a little better the concept of this form of construction and for this we will give you a brief definition of bioconstruction.

ecological bricks

Bioconstruction is a construction technique or system that uses low-cost and low-impact resources (recycled products, plant-based materials, among other things).

It is important to take several aspects into account when carrying out this type of construction.

For example, distributing the spaces well, taking the environment into account, making designs that are adapted to the available materials, knowing where to locate the construction, creating different systems for saving energy, water, and many other aspects.

If you want to know the principles of permaculture in construction, we invite you to read the article that contains this valuable information.

As you can see, green building is clearly advantageous and can help a lot to improve both our health and the health of our environment, but it is also a technique that we need to know a lot about.

For that reason we recommend (if you want to create ecological constructions) to carry out bioconstruction courses 2020 that will help you to know many important details on the subject.

Colombia: bioconstruction courses, events and volunteering

paredes en bioconstrucción

As many of you may know, our country is clearly inundated with cement buildings (like the vast majority of buildings around the world).

Despite this, Colombians have been growing a lot in the ecological aspect and in recent years many interesting projects have been carried out for the care of the environment and the health of human beings.

Let’s get to know a little about some of these projects, diplomas, bioconstruction courses, volunteering and many other things that have helped ecological construction to take on greater importance in Colombia.

Biobuilding in Colombia, a large annual meeting

pisar barro y paja para hacer paredes

Going back to what we said previously about the advances we have recently made in ecology in our country, in Colombia we have been hosting one of the most recognized bio-construction events in South America for several years.

Experts, insiders, thinkers, and even first-timers meet in one place to share their knowledge and learn more about green building.

In 2019, this meeting lasted 6 days in which very interesting activities were carried out, such as dynamics to meet the participants and a large number of hours dedicated to knowing and learning much more about the subject:

  • structural carpentry
  • natural endings
  • water treatment systems
  • What to do with the waste?
  • mobile structures
  • raw earth architecture
  • natural kitchen
  • and many, many more things

Diplomas in bioconstruction at very good prices

pisar barro

In our country there are also several bioconstruction diplomas that have been presented at really surprising prices and that can be perfectly adapted to the pocket of those who want to learn something new and also have knowledge that can help them generate money and support a lifestyle much more healthy in our country.

For example, one of the most important diploma courses today has more than 150 hours of workshops and different forms of classes so that students learn concepts and also practice what they learn with enough time to understand all the knowledge.

Bioconstruction reaches towns and villages in Colombia

ladrillos de barro y paja

In another of the interesting projects we can find those of volunteer bioconstruction provided by an NGO called “La Carreta Biblioteca” that little by little is approaching children and adults in different towns and villages of our country trying to make them know the concepts and the reasons for which ecological construction is recommended and many other things.

All these projects that we discussed previously (and many other projects that we have had to leave out today) show that little by little we Colombians are becoming aware and learning a little more about the importance of the environment.

In the same way, we still have a long way to go and the support of many of you is needed to continue making the message sink in and reach all Colombians.

And it is that as many of the experts in ecological construction (and ecology in general) say, what many of us human beings lack is to understand what our actions generate in the environment and in our health and begin to take awareness and action to change a little our way of thinking and carrying out day-to-day activities.

Yes, it is true that we have made considerable progress in the ecological area in our country, but we must not stop, we must continue and understand that if we continue to make an effort we will be able to achieve much better results and that the whole of society will gradually become more aware of its actions and their ways of carrying out their day to day.

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