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Top 6 cities that most promote recycling in Colombia

Despite how much we have worked and advanced in recent years as a society, there are still some things that we can and need to improve.

One of them is precisely recycling and according to official data it has been shown that more than 70% of households in Colombia do not recycle.

These Colombian recycling data are very strong and it is that annually in our country we produce around 10 million tons of waste.

Do you know the pollution and other problems that this amount of waste generates? How many things could we create and take advantage of a high percentage of those 10 million tons of waste that can be recycled?

Taking all this data into account, we want to tell you a little about the cities in Colombia that most promote recycling and that currently have the best data.

Cities that most promote recycling Colombia


Every year that passes, a stronger commitment is made to recycling in Medellin, campaigns are carried out, new ways are sought to help people with the recycling of their waste and it is expected that with each passing year the percentage of waste that is recycled be much older.

The data that has been collected in recent months positions the city of Medellin a little higher than Bogotá in the use of waste and that is that there is talk of almost 25% recycling of 100% of the garbage that is produced daily.

Escultura Botero Medellín

Although it seems like a minor fact that only ¼ of the waste is recycled, the truth is that the good results that the different awareness programs that are carried out in the city have had are demonstrated and that citizens, each time they become more aware and better understand the need to recycle.

It is also estimated that more than 1,000 companies recycle part of their waste and that they are linked to several of the programs presented by the mayor’s office and the organizations that are in charge of recycling.


According to studies carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, recycling in Bogotá does not exceed 20% of all waste generated daily. Despite this, Bogotá is among the 6 cities that most promote recycling in Colombia.

Bolivar Square Bogota

Of course, it is important to clarify that the capital is first in the list of users of resources registered as recyclers and that it contains the largest number of members (more than 15 thousand members).

Those who live in Bogotá must surely know that there are specialized recycling routes that, regardless of what has happened in the pandemic, continue to work and comply with their routes. Therefore, let’s continue separating our waste and take advantage of the help that many organizations give us to recycle and take care of our environment.


The customs and the way of thinking about recycling in Barranquilla are changing and every day we see that more people work to help clean their city a little and also to take advantage of the waste that they and others produce daily.

Carnaval de Barranquilla

For example, let’s look at something that happened last year on the carnival date and that is that with a day that only a few days demonstrated, they managed to collect more than 30 tons of waste that would be treated later to convert them into materials that can be used for the production of elements useful.

Approximately 140 hours were worked in total and in that time the workers were able to collect more than 12 million pesos. This means that in addition to helping the environment and ensuring that less waste ends up in our oceans and on our land, it also generated income for the city and for workers who need it so much.


Let’s now review some interesting data about another of the cities that is in the top of those that recycle the most in our country, let’s talk in this case about Cali that recycles almost 20% of the waste generated every day.

Although the data seems close to that of other cities, in Cali the goal is for people to learn a little more about the importance of this practice and for the percentage of recycled waste to increase considerably each year.

The data that was acquired about a year ago showed that in Cali there are almost 30 organizations dedicated to recycling and that among them could be counted almost 4 thousand people who dedicated their day to day to this important activity.


Pereira is one of the cities with the greatest recycling culture in all of Colombia and this is due in large part to the great participation that the Aseo de Pereira company has had in this city.

Colombian Coffee

Experts on the subject comment that despite the fact that many people already have a culture of recycling, there is still a long way to go and that is why awareness and education days are held every year so that people take their waste to be recycled and receive in exchange for that an important certificate for his great management.

Clearly the objective in Pereira is that each year the percentage of waste and recycled waste is much higher, in the same way, this city is among the cleanest and most conscientious in our entire country.


In Bucaramanga, a large investment has been made in order to increase recycling in the city and achieve very good results in the coming months and years.

The truth is that the results of the investment and of the different campaigns carried out in Bucaramanga are surprising, for example, they managed to increase the waste that is used each month by more than 70 tons.

On the other hand, an interesting campaign carried out in Bucaramanga consists of exchanging different elements (plastic bottles, cardboard, cans and more) for minutes and mobile calls. This campaign has been surprisingly effective and we hope it can be applied in other cities.

As you can see, we still have a long way to go, but as Colombians we should feel proud of the work that is being done in different cities of our country with regard to recycling and doing things well, we will be able to be a country with much greater awareness when it comes to of the use of our waste.

If you are still not clear about what you can recycle and how to do it, we invite you to read this article and have better opportunities to help the planet through recycling Colombia and the use of resources.

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