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The best recycling activities for kids

Do you want your children to start learning the importance of recycling from an early age? Do you expect your children to be environmentally conscious?

Activate their interest in recycling for children with these activities, so that from their youth they understand the importance of caring for the planet.

But before teaching you some of the best recycling activities for your children, it is important to highlight that in addition to encouraging them to carry out these activities, you should also try to teach them the importance of doing this activity and what are the reasons why we recycle and what we eat. they do with waste can affect society, your family and even the planet where we live.

Best recycling activities for kids crafts

Create your recycling bins

Does your child enjoy sports? You can think of making a very fun recycling game that will also teach him a little more about the different colors of recycling and what elements will fail in each of the bins.

Whats the game about? Simply place a kind of basketball hoop over each of the recycling bins and tell the child that each successful basket (with the item where it should go) adds points to their game.

One of the best things about recycling games in this case is that in addition to raising awareness and learning to recycle, you will also be interesting your child in a sport, something very positive.

A different piggy bank

Do you want to teach your child to save and at the same time to recycle? I teach you how to recycle plastic bottles at home to turn it into something totally different: a piggy bank to learn the importance of saving.

Making a piggy bank out of a plastic bottle is really easy, you just have to make sure that coins don’t come out of the lid and make a hole big enough to fit coins and bills into the bottle.

What is the funniest part of this activity? Have your children personalize the piggy bank and create their own design. For example, you can make it look like a pig by adding just a tail, some ears, and draw a face.

In this activity your children learn a little more about saving, also about recycling and finally they create something with their own hands: what more can we ask for?

A superhero bracelet

rollo de papel higiénico

There is nothing more that the little ones in the house like than feeling like superheroes who save the world against the greatest villains in history. This is where a bit of upcycling with art can go a long way.

You can easily create a beautiful and very good superhero bracelet with something that you usually throw away without much thought: the cardboard toilet paper roll.

What should you do? You can simply paint the cardboard roll white and draw a beautiful design of your child’s favorite superhero to make a beautiful, sparkly bracelet. The most convenient thing is clearly for your child to create his own design so that he can also learn to make crafts.

recycling memory

The memory game is one of the most important and fun recycling activities for your little one. This game is simply the iconic and traditional memory game where you have different cards turned over and you have to find in the fewest moves the pair that each card goes with (the pairs are the same).

What must you do to make this game a success? Use the recycling colors on the border of each of the recycling cards, for example, if you have cardboard boxes they should have a blue border. Believe it or not, this will help children unwittingly begin to associate color with the type of product to be recycled.

Memory game has been part of children’s games for a long time and it helps them to be more attentive, improve their memory, and has fun while also learning something important (in this case recycling).

Create your own garden with plastic bottles and more

cerco de árbol en botellas

There is nothing better than recycling for kids crafts that also adds a bit of knowledge and love for the earth and the importance of caring for plants and nature. It is for this reason that perhaps one of the most recommended games for your child is the creation of a garden with recyclable materials.

To create the garden you will first need some old plastic bottles that you can use as pots to plant your plants. After this is where the possibilities begin to grow and you have many more activities to choose from, for example, you can have your little ones create their own compost with the leftover fruits and vegetables they eat every day.

You will also have the opportunity to help them create a small water catchment system to teach them the importance of natural resources and the benefits of this type of system.

Finally, you should know that any child will love to eat fruits that they have grown and cared for themselves. Many people even say that their children have started eating vegetables that they did not eat before, just because they grew them themselves.

The animated recycling

Today that we are in the era of cartoons, computers, the internet and a lot of technology, we must take advantage of these tools to teach important things to our children. For example, animated recycling can be a great ally to introduce them to a new world and learn an activity that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

With animated recycling we mean drawings that they can color, games for the phone and for the computer and even series, movies and animations that can be very funny and at the same time teach them a lot about recycling, colors, the reasons why which is recommended to recycle and many, many more things.

If you want to learn a little more about what you can recycle and how to do it, we invite you to read the blog post and it will give you more craft ideas to work with your children.

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