sistema de captación de agua de lluvia para riego

Rainwater harvesting system for irrigation

Do you want your agricultural system to be sustainable and do not need any type of organization to have the water (and even electricity) necessary for your crops and to survive? This is possible if you create a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation and personal use.

What is a rainwater harvesting system?

It is simply a system whose main purpose is to collect the largest amount of rainwater to be stored and used when necessary. The type of collection system used can depend on many things, such as the type of materials you have available, the terrain you are on, the space you have, and many other things.

The success or failure of this type of system depends mainly on several important factors that we will talk about below.

Important factors for the success or failure of a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation

self-sustaining house

System design

Clearly it is important to have a good catchment system so that you can get the best results and ultimately be successful in capturing water.

When talking about the design of the system, the way to capture the largest amount of rainwater, the space to accumulate the captured water and even the type of system used for filtering it must be taken into account.

The rainfall in the area

If we live in a place with little rainfall, that is, an area where it goes a long time without rain, very important measures must be taken to be able to face these periods of drought and to make our system sustainable.

Among the measures that can be taken in those places that have periods of great drought, it is possible to mention the following: have tanks or cisterns large enough to take advantage of times of great rainfall and store as much rainwater as possible to always maintain irrigation active in crops.

Permaculture in a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation

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The concepts of permaculture can be applied to many of the things we do every day (for example in the use of waste). With rainwater harvesting systems for irrigation we have two principles of permaculture that have to do directly and indirectly with this procedure, those principles are “capture and save energy” and “use and value renewable services and resources”.

What do these principles mean and how do they apply to rainwater harvesting systems for irrigation?

As you can see, in permaculture it is recommended in its principles to capture and store energy, this simply refers to what was previously discussed with the rainfall in the area and consists of trying to collect the greatest amount of resources when there is abundance, in order to able to survive when the drought arrives.

On the other hand, it seeks to demonstrate the importance of taking advantage of natural resources and what nature gives us for free, in this case, taking advantage of rainwater and taking advantage of it for what we may need, for our sowing, for our personal consumption, for the creation of a sustainable system that does not need to be part of the network.

Is it really possible to create and use a water harvesting system for agricultural use?

Of course it is possible! Thousands and millions of people use this type of systems all over the world. Even in Colombia there are more and more people who join permaculture and who, within a new way of thinking, begin to use the resources they have available and create rainwater harvesting systems for agricultural use.

And it is that perhaps many of you are not aware of the great cost that it usually has to contract a service that offers us the necessary water for the irrigation of a medium or large-scale planting. This cost is really high and can be avoided with an initial investment that will show its profitability in a very short time (with a good water collection system you will never have to spend money on water for your crops and even for your home).

Rainwater can be made drinkable

Do you want to completely disconnect from the network? You also have the possibility of achieving this goal if you install a good water filtering and disinfection system. The truth is that the purification of rainwater is a simpler process than many may think and can be carried out without much trouble.

In addition, the water that is needed for irrigation, toilets, cleaning the home, and many other things, does not have to be drinkable, we simply need to have a good water supply.

Using renewable resources allows us to care for and support the environment


It is no secret to anyone the damage that human beings have caused to the planet with a way of life that does not give real importance to the natural resources we have. The use of sustainable systems that allow us to take advantage of natural resources can help care for and support an environment that needs our contribution to recover.

This is one of the reasons why rainwater harvesting systems and permaculture concepts have become so strong in our society in recent years. Society is already beginning to notice the results of living fighting against nature and we hope that it is not too late to try to recover and seek to live in harmony with it.

If you want to learn much more about the concepts of permaculture, learn about agricultural permaculture, and even if you want to know how to make a rainwater harvesting system, I invite you to continue reading the blog and find out a little more about a practice that can change the the the your life. life and that can place the first grain of sand to recover the planet.

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