permacultura en Colombia

Permaculture in Colombia

The environmental crisis that the world is facing and that has had very strong effects on planting, agriculture and even on the daily life of society has forced us to think a little more about our environment and to try to take some practices that help us with agricultural production that does not threaten nature, this practice is called permaculture and we will learn a little more about it below with a focus on permaculture in Colombia.

What is permaculture?

According to Bill Mollison and David Holmgren (the fathers of the concept) permaculture is known as the search for a positive effect in the face of the environmental crisis. This concept was presented in the 1970s when the environmental crisis was still not as strong as the one we are facing today.

Permaculture in Colombia is growing by leaps and bounds and the principles of this practice that you can find in this post are being adapted more and more by people from all corners of our country.

How do Colombians receive permaculture?

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Studies carried out by the National University of Colombia show that in recent months permaculture has taken on quite a large importance in our country, this means that, in recent times, Colombians have received positively this way of thinking, of doing agriculture and even to live.

One of the reasons for the good reception of permaculture in Colombia has to do with the permaculture courses that are offered by one of the most important public universities in the country (and even more important in Latin America, very, very complete virtual courses). .

Likewise, it is also important to mention that other educational entities have taken the initiative and offer extensive permaculture courses that can provide Colombians with the necessary knowledge to enter this practice and begin to change the way they live. and they do business.

Such is the importance and growth of permaculture in the country that there is already a network that was created with the purpose of promoting this activity and promoting it so that it becomes part of both rural and even urban areas. This means that permaculture can easily reach Bogotá, urban developments, the homes of people who want to produce their own food in a healthy way and taking care of the environment.

How does permaculture behave in Colombia?

There are many permaculture projects that are currently being developed in the country, the truth is that it is very worth knowing everything you need about this new trend so that, no matter where you are in the country, you can adapt to a way of agriculture that goes far beyond organic farming.

The challenges of permaculture in Colombia

The great challenges of permaculture in Colombia have to do simply with changing the way of thinking of some people who still do not understand what the practice is about and who have been used to doing things in a specific way for many years.

Despite this, we believe that after experiencing one of the most complicated crises that society has faced, the way people think has changed, many have realized that only by giving nature a little break the changes are really impressive and never imaginable.

Taking this into account, the truth is that both in our country and throughout the world, the different practices that support nature and ecology will become much more popular and will take on greater importance.

Therefore, the real challenge that permaculture can face is to reach thousands of Colombians in an effective and direct way, so that they learn and are informed about everything necessary to make a different way of life a reality.

It is also a challenge to be able to get water and electricity to the most remote places, this challenge could be solved by thinking of some sustainable alternatives such as solar energy, the search for water sources and many other options.

Is permaculture profitable in Colombia?

Of course it’s profitable! Permaculture can greatly help the economy of different cities in our country and in all the countries of the world. One of the most important things about permaculture is that it allows you to separate yourself a little from the global economy and produce your own food throughout the year to consume foods that you know where they come from and that will not harm your health.

Proof of the profitability of permaculture in Colombia is the great movements that are already beginning to be made in important universities and the large number of Colombians who have volunteered in permaculture, to teach those who are interested and to inform the Colombian community of the new trend that can change your life.

Does permaculture have a future in our country?

If we return to the concept of permaculture and realize that this concept takes many things from organic farming and goes even further, it is quite clear that it has a great future in our country and throughout the world. Moreover, we could say that it is the best way to recover the economy that has been so badly hit by the crisis that it left the world paralyzed for several months.

In addition, taking into account that the challenges of permaculture in the country are things that can be worked on and that can finally be fixed without so many problems, the truth is that we can hope that many more people will join this movement and that permaculture will take much greater importance in the country in just a few years.

You may or may not believe in the principles of permaculture, but the results are proven and in data: applying this technique or practice increases productivity, improves food quality and enables cities to improve their economy and become more important.

What are you waiting for to make the change and start making a change that can change your life and that of your loved ones? In this blog you have everything you need to learn about permaculture, organic compost and everything you will need to make the change.

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