How to build a log hive

This article explores the ancient practice of beekeeping: low intervention and use of a live tree.

Here we explain how you can use a log as a hive, even if you don’t have a tree of the right size.

Not everyone has a forest with 80 cm (30 in) diameter trees in their backyard, so alternatively a log that is 60 cm (24 in) in circumference and 1.4 m (55 in) can be used. inches) long, suspended in a tree and elevated on a platform or even kept in traditional style apiaries (but this is starting to move away from the bee’s preference).

Log hives have been used for thousands of years; the oldest recorded log hive was found in Switzerland and dates back to 3380 BC. C. Log hives can use the same construction method as tree hives, although many alternative casting techniques are possible, including:

– Burn a predrilled log core over a fire using a metal sheet with a hole in it to concentrate the fire in the center of the log.

– Split and drill core before rejoining

– Drilled and chiselled at both ends

If you fancy making one, you can buy a suitable log from a local sawmill for around £60, which is around five times cheaper than a modern beehive.

Here is a simple diagram:

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