maquillaje ecológico en Colombia

How is the organic makeup industry going in Colombia?

The organic makeup industry in Colombia is booming and growing as more and more consumers are interested in many things other than price.

Today’s makeup consumers are not only looking at the packaging, the price, the texture or the colors, but they are also interested in:

  • the way they are produced
  • the impact on the environment
  • whether or not it is tested on animals
  • that are produced with plants or products free of chemicals harmful to health
  • and some other reasons.

This new trend of organic makeup has an impressive market in Colombia and in the world, which is why there are also many companies and product offerings that meet strict standards to be called organic makeup.

We are going to tell you a little about the world of ecological makeup, the industry in Colombia and some brands that you can find in the market.

What is ecological makeup?

This type of makeup is a new trend in the beauty sector that seeks to produce makeup made with natural products that are free of parabens, heavy metals, petroleum derivatives, talc and some other substances that can affect the skin.

It is also sought that both organic makeup and cosmetics are free of fragrances that can irritate the skin, silicones and their derivatives, genetically modified ingredients or products tested on animals.  

Other aspects of ecological makeup are:

  • its contribution to the conservation of the environment by avoiding the use of products that damage the ozone layer and pollute the water
  • and that the cultivation of the inputs used are free of harmful chemicals (organic agriculture)

This last point must be certified and this seal must appear on the final products so that the consumer has the certainty of buying a truly ecological product.

Finally, we could add that some of the companies that develop this type of makeup also seek fair trade, support for their own raw materials and for the farmers who grow these inputs organically.

For all these characteristics, it is also known as Colombian vegan makeup, or in general vegan makeup.

Organic makeup industry in Colombia

According to ANDI, in 2018 Colombia moved 3.4 billion pesos in the cosmetics and grooming market; In addition, Colombia ranked fourth in Latin America in sales of makeup and cosmetics.

We do not know for sure what percentage of the amount we mention corresponds to the ecological makeup market, however, we are sure that its contribution is significant and much more, to the care of the planet.

Every day new ventures focused on this market are born and like any type of company, many are maintained over time and others are not, but we know that there are more and more conscious buyers who care about the environment, animals and their own health.

Some ecological makeup brands in Colombia

If you are interested in knowing about the ecological makeup brands that you can get in the market, we are going to tell you about some brands and their products so that you know and if you are interested in this type of makeup you can look for it on the internet and in beauty stores.

Waya natural

This cosmetic brand: Waya, which means “we” in the Wayuu language (Colombian indigenous community), believes in the strength of women together.

They focus on the creation of Wayuu cosmetics and makeup only with natural ingredients from Colombian biodiversity, specifically from the Amazon and the Andean region.

Some of its best-known products are micellar water with papaya extract, makeup base with passion fruit seed extract, mascara with pracaxi oil, and lipsticks with babassu oil.

Pure Chemistry

This brand originated in Medellín – Colombia has Ecocert, CosmeBio certifications, vegan certification and Cruelty Free (not tested on animals), they are considered a brand of Dermocosmetics.

They offer products to prepare the skin before makeup, natural oils, cleansers, moisturizers, nail polishes, lipsticks, fine rice powder, masks and many other totally healthy preparations.

The prices of their products are high but they are really worth it.

Mae Selva

It is a Coolombian venture of cosmetic products rather than makeup itself. Its products focus on skin preparation and hair care.

They offer anti-hair loss shampoo and skin scrubs that have 8 types of natural oils and aromas of coconut, cocoa, mint and citrus, in addition to containing panela. 

Due to all these ingredients, the scrub not only fulfills the function of exfoliating but also nourishing and caring for the skin.

I love Pinch

This Colombian brand is also certified vegan and cruelty-free, and is famous for its liquid lipsticks that dry to matte.

You can find from this brand foundations, lip glosses, liquid eyeliner, dark circles concealer, eyebrow liner, lip and cheek tint, accessories such as beauty blender and much more.

They also offer products for the preparation, cleaning and care of the skin before makeup, such as micellar water, makeup removers, masks and others.

Surely there are many other organic makeup industry in Colombia that are not on this list but are great and meet many of the conditions mentioned at the beginning of the article to be called organic.

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