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Chicken manure as organic fertilizer

Did you know that chicken manure is much richer in nitrogen than cow manure? Studies show that even chicken manure doubles the nitrogen of cow manure. This is quite relevant information and we recommend you to know when choosing or making an organic fertilizer at home.

Surely after reading the data that we have just given you previously, you would like to know a little more about chicken manure as organic fertilizer pdf, that is why we will immediately tell you those important details that you should know about chicken manure and many other things that you can surely interest you

What is chicken manure?

chicken manure as fertilizer

Chicken manure is simply a fertilizer that is obtained by taking the manure or excrement of the chicken or hen as the main ingredient. It is key that the excrement is previously treated and then used as organic fertilizer, otherwise its strong composition can be disadvantageous for your crops.

Another very interesting fact that surely catches your attention has to do with our country and is that approximately 60 thousand tons of chicken manure are produced daily in Colombia. Therefore, you will surely have enough product to produce your own organic chicken manure without problems.

What nutrients can chicken manure provide as organic fertilizer?

Chicken manure is recognized worldwide for providing a large amount of nitrogen, potassium and even phosphorus to the land where it is applied. It is for this reason that this type of fertilizer is highly used in different types of crops and crops: flowers, fruit trees, different types of legumes and vegetables and more.

How to make chicken manure compost for organic fertilizer?

Now that you know a little more about chicken manure and the nutrients it can provide to the soil and plants, it is important that you know the process to create this organic fertilizer, that is, know the answer to the question: How to make or create chicken manure compost?

Chicken manure compost process

  1. Step 1. Get the chicken manure

    The first thing you need to create this compost is clearly the main ingredient: chicken manure. To obtain this element you can produce it yourself (if you have laying hens or chickens) or you can also look for the closest place where you think you can buy this product (skirts, among other places).

  2. Step 2. Select the place where the chicken manure will be created

    It is important that you select a place that is far from the presence of water and that is not affected by rain. On the other hand, it is also quite relevant that the ventilation in the place is good and that the size of the space is large enough to carry out the chicken manure composting process.

  3. Step 3. Obtaining the other materials necessary for the process

    Other materials that are part of the production process are important to create chicken manure compost, among them we can mention: pruning or cut weeds, some variety of plant material in small pieces and sawdust (optional).

  4. Step 4. Start with the mix

    After having all the products and the necessary space to carry out the mixture, it is time to start mixing the materials to make the compost. You just have to throw all the ingredients and start adding water. The amount of water should be added as follows: for every three parts of chicken manure you add, you must add one more part of water and another part of weeds or pruning.

  5. Step 5. Follow the compost treatment

    After mixing all the materials it is important that you maintain the compost treatment, for example, after about 7 or 10 days it is recommended to turn the compost over. After the first week we recommend moving the mixture every 2 or 5 days to obtain better results.

    This step is extremely important and you should not neglect it, there are even those who recommend turning the chicken manure every day, that will depend on what you decide and how you see that the compost you are creating can progress.

  6. Step 6. Now you have your organic chicken manure fertilizer!

    After about three months you will have your organic chicken manure ready to be used and to provide all those necessary nutrients to your plants. How do you know if your subscription is ready? The way to know if the turkey vulture is ready is by its appearance, which should be a good color and should not have any type of decomposition smell.

Advantages of chicken manure as organic fertilizer

Large amount of nitrogen

One of the great advantages of chicken manure compost is the high presence of nitrogen that this fertilizer has and that is, as we said before, it can even double the presence of nitrogen than other excrements such as bovine.

It is also important to mention that chicken manure has a greater presence of other nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium and soluble salts.

Greater assimilation with crops

Another of the great advantages of chicken manure is that it is much better assimilated with the different types of crops that you can have in your sowing. Clearly an important detail that cannot be missed.

It is perfect for softening hard floors

It has happened to every agricultural producer that they find very hard soils for the production of their crops and do not know what to do to soften and enrich this soil. Well, here’s an excellent solution that simply consists of adding an organic chicken manure to your soil.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a high-quality fertilizer that can be very helpful in improving the performance of your crops! Chicken manure compost is one of those organic fertilizers that can offer greater results if production is controlled and done correctly.

In the same way, we want to ask you: have you ever used this organic fertilizer? Do you think it is worth the time and effort to do it? Do you recommend any other type of organic fertilizer?

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