abono orgánico tipo bocashi

Bocashi-type organic fertilizer

Today we want to tell you a little more about the bocashi-type organic fertilizer, one of the fertilizers with the greatest presence in the organic world thanks to the good results it can offer and how fast it can be produced (it could easily be added to the top 10 of organic fertilizers fast and most effective organic).

The rise of organic fertilizers occurs after so much time harming our planet, which has taken its toll on us, which is why we are currently experiencing things that many years ago we could not even imagine (natural disasters of enormous magnitude, diseases that are difficult to control, climatic changes and much more).

In view of this, it is important that we try to be a little more aware when using fertilizers in our crops, this is where the use of organic fertilizers becomes so important, a practice that not only helps you improve the health of your plants and the results obtained from planting, it is also very helpful to get rid of waste from fruits, vegetables, manure and much more.

Knowing a little more about the bocashi-type organic fertilizer

One of the first things you should know about the bocashi type of fertilizer is that it has the ability to offer plants a wide variety of basic nutrients that are necessary for better growth.

The main characteristic of this fertilizer is the way in which it is made or produced and is that, unlike other types of fertilizer, bocashi fertilizer must have a high presence of air and must not be affected by rain, by sun or wind.

One of the biggest advantages of this fertilizer is that its results can be seen in a very short time, something that is clearly important for a sowing.

What are some of the components needed to make bocashi-type compost?

rice husk

bocashi fertilizer - rice husk

One of the basic elements of this type of fertilizer is the rice husk, although if you don’t get it (or it costs you a lot of money) you have the possibility of replacing it with other components such as, for example, leftovers from a previous sowing, weeds or pruning of the garden, sugar cane waste, among others.

The most important thing in this case is that the component you decide to use is in small pieces and that you dry it beforehand.


bocashi fertilizer - soil

It is important to match the amount of rice husk (or other element) with the same amount of soil, for example, if you decide to add 1 bundle of husk, it is recommended to also add a bundle (or a little less) of soil.

Cow manure

Cow manure

As with the soil, it is recommended to also add a similar amount of cow manure to the mix. For best results the manure should be fresh.

Chicken manure can also be used as a substitute for manure (better if you use a type of chicken manure that comes from indoor chickens).



Half of what you add from soil, manure and husk should be added in charcoal. It is key to good results that the pieces of charcoal are also quite small.

Molasses or cane juice

jugo de caña

The amount of cane juice or molasses to add depends on the amount of fertilizer you want to produce. It is a very important element and you should not forget to add it if you want the results to be really good and just what you are expecting when producing bocashi organic fertilizer.



Despite not being a liquid fertilizer, it is important that you add a good amount of water in the production of your bocashi fertilizer.

The amount of water will depend on a test that has the common name of “fist test”. What is the fist test? It is simply a small test that consists of taking compost in your hand and squeezing it as much as you can. If a brittle lump forms, you have achieved the perfect consistency. On the other hand, if small drops start to come out of your fingers, you added too much water and you need to control it by adding other elements (husk or even coffee or more soil).

More other components

You can also add other components to the mixture such as grain yeast (yes, the yeast used to make bread), ash, bran (provides vitamins, nitrogen and many other nutrients), agricultural lime and other elements.

How to make the bocashi-type organic fertilizer?

The process is never the same to make the bocashi-type compost and it depends on the type of land or space you have to produce the compost, the ingredients you decide to use, among other things.

Similarly, in general, the process can be carried out as follows:

How to make the bocashi-type organic fertilizer?

  1. Step 1. Mix up some elements

    The first step consists of mixing some of the elements mentioned above, in this case, you must mix the manure with the husk (or its substitute), the soil and the extra components that you have decided to add (bran, ash, among others).

  2. Step 2. Add the water, molasses and yeast

    After adding and stirring all these elements, you must add the molasses and water. The yeast can be added in two different ways, diluted in water or simply sprinkled, you decide how you prefer to do it.

  3. Step 3. Stir and fist test

    You must stir the mixture until it takes on a homogeneous consistency and when the fist test is effective. At that time it is recommended to cover the mixture.

  4. Step 4. Turn the mixture gradually

    In the first days it is good to turn the mixture two or three times a day, after a week has passed you should only turn it once. The most important thing is that at no time the temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius.

How do you know if the compost is ready to use? When the mixture takes on a gray hue and has a powder-like consistency.

An important recommendation that you must take into account when using this fertilizer is that you should not apply it directly to the root of the plant, you must have at least 10 centimeters of difference to prevent the force of the fertilizer from burning the roots of the plant. plant.

Do you already know how to make your own bocashi fertilizer? Tell us your results and how you found one of the best organic fertilizers of the moment.

Additionally, if you want to have more complete information about the bocashi organic fertilizer, we recommend this document.

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