About us?

We are a family that is changing many things in its lifestyle to live a more responsible life, more aware of its actions regarding the environment, education, food, health, finances, spirituality, in short, all areas of our life.

About three years ago we moved to the countryside to make our dream of breathing fresh air come true, having a calmer and more friendly environment to watch our little son grow and start building this change based on the principles of permaculture.

Along the way we have learned many things, we have tried and failed with others, we have met other people and families who also follow a similar path and we share experiences and every day we want to continue growing and strengthening ourselves as a family.

This blog aims to recount lived experiences, teach a few things that we already know and meet other people who can help us too, because with your suggestions, comments and experiences, which are more than welcome, you help us grow and mature on this beautiful path.

A hug and we hope you enjoy the journey and not the end, as we are doing!!